Drunk Concert Reveiw

Electric Six


This is the third reviw.

As is always the case at an Electric Six show, there was one good opener, and one bad opener. Tonight the good opener came first...followed by what sounded like Courtney Love singing country music...two things that I hate. The lead singer also danced like one of those air powered flaining arm guys you see at used car dealerships...the Mandevilles?..more like the Meh-devilles.

Electric Six, however, is in a league of their own. This was the sixth time I've seen them, and they always put on an amazing show, tonight was no exception. As always they came out on stage looking an absolute mess. Dressed in bad fitting, outdated clothes, they looked like they've been hung over from the 90's. They pushed the new album hard, but still played all the classics. As always Gay Bar was the crowd's favorite...how many other songs can you name that have a sequel?

Gaslight Anthem


This is the second reviw.

Good show except the fucking spotlights pointed directly into the crowd's face....srsly wtf.
I'm tired.
Going to bed
fuck you
I'm eating ice cream in bed...what are you doing with your life?

Death From Above 1979:


This is the first review.

First off, this the name of this band was very misleading, no death came from above, not even a little. There was really no death coming from any direction.

The Stats:
Unfortunate facial hair: 17
Man buns: 3
Serial killers: 1

The evening started off ignoring the opening acts and engaging the the always important social activity of standing around in the beer gardens having some drinks...after all it wouldn't be a drunk concert review without the drunk. The socializing was briefly interruped by a drunk guy in a mohawk throwing up several times in the garbage can next to us. This was quickly followed up by an even drunker girl informing us that our social circle was comprised of "too much sausage and not enough muffin". She then proceeded to tell us about the lowest spot she ever hit in her life...definitely too much information to be sharing with someone you just met....but we'll get back to her later.

It was getting close to the time for the opening act to take the stage, so we made our way back. The band did not disappoint, playing all the crowd favourites. I was bobbing my head and tapping my feet at least 37% of the time. The light show was also impressive, they even had smoke machines scattered throughout the crowd, although they reeked of dead skunk.

About half way through the show the drunk girl from earlier made her second appearance. She dropped the t-shirt she was carrying in front of me and then accused me of stealing it from her. I informed her it was on the ground, then realizing her error, made it up to me by giving me the t-shirt, because she believed that I was the type that would actually wear it, unlike the rest of the "losers" at the show.

After copmpleting the main set the duo retired for a few minutes before returning for the completely unexpected encore...I don't think anyone saw that coming. Definitly the best part of the show came during the final song, where Sebastian Grainger poured a bottle of water over his drum kit, causing every drum beat to send up a splash of water, which was made even more spectacular by the strobe light flashing in the background...very bad ass!